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The Gift of Trouble

July 24, 2012

Most of us wander through life without clear and focused goals. We get up in the morning and go on automatic pilot. One recent study (I don’t know who funds these things!) said when you bathe you start washing yourself in exactly the same place every morning! We don’t want to know where that is…

My coworker once showed up to the office without a skirt on! She was dressing and her son interrupted her. She already had her slip on and just kept getting dressed. She tossed on a coat and went to the office. When she took off her coat, we all got a lovely view of a black lacy half slip!

Complacency is the enemy of excellence and of growth. We don’t get off of automatic pilot until we’re mighty uncomfortable or we’re slapped upside the head with a reminder.

Sally Ride with Admirers
photo copyright Sally Ride Science

Yesterday Sally Ride died. She was my age. I remember when she was first chosen to be in the Space Program. I was as proud as if it were my own sister. I’ve followed her achievements over the years, yet somehow missed that she had the same disease as Steve Jobs. She died at age 61 of pancreatic cancer.

Sally was irrepressible. She reached for the stars and is one of the few who actually touched them. It was a pleasure to be in her generation and be inspired by her wonderful life and accomplishments. She spread herself and her enthusiasm for Science around. My daughters are inspired by her! Thousands of girls went into science because of her.

She didn’t get to space by sitting around hoping someone else would take care of her. She set strong goals, did her homework, found the path to reach those goals, and set about achieving them.

This is what’s missing today  – the desire, clarity, and will to achieve something wonderful. After all, none of us knows how many days we get on the planet. Who knows? This could be the last thing you read. This last 4th of July may have been your last fireworks show. We just don’t know the big plan for our lives. All we can do is  dream big dreams and play life to the limit. Sally Ride  lived life to the fullest and is a reminder to all of us to do the same.

Back to my title — Trouble is a motivator —Whether the loss of a friend or role model; the loss of a job or home; or the loss of your good health you took for granted all these years. Each of these can wake us up from our daily-grind-coma and make us rethink our priorities.

I’ve been on a new path since January – looking for the next adventure and the next places to play it out. As the heat set into Phoenix, my energy and enthusiasm for the quest began to waiver. “It’s haaaaard to go outside in this heeaaaat!”  It actually is – especially when a huge sand storm looms on the horizon.

I had such high hopes for this project  in the Spring, and it wasn’t till yesterday that I realized I was on a downward energy cycle. Sally”s death not only saddened me, it woke me up! When a woman my age passes away, a powerhouse who accomplished so much in her short life, it made me sit up and get back to work. I’m not ready to go yet! I have at least three or more decades of things on my To Do list!

How about you? What motivates YOU to get back to the goals you set for your life? What gets you going? Me? I’m going to drink a toast to Sally Ride, then I’m getting back on the horse. Time to move my projects ahead. I’ll never be as amazing as Sally Ride, but I can be more amazing than I am right now!!

Cheers and Good Luck!

© 2012 Beth Terry, CSP • All Rights Reserved

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  1. Dean Masai permalink
    July 28, 2012 2:29 am

    I’m glad to hear that you are on the move once more! YOU are what motivates me because you are such a shining example of determination and success. Keep up the good work, Beth! And, hopefully I can attend one of your sessions the next time you’re here …!

    • July 28, 2012 10:24 am

      Hi Dean – Thanks! I’ll be sending out a newsletter here in the next couple of days to let everyone know of my new adventures! So great to hear from you, and I’m happy you’re getting the RSS feed!

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