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Travel Easier: Stay Healthy

June 23, 2011

Have you ever stepped on a plane feeling great only to walk off sick? It happens more than you think. You may have been sick before you left home and didn’t know it. But it’s more likely you caught it from someone else.  First of all, when a person has planned that special trip, they are, By God, not going to cancel just for a little cold. Or flu. Or TB, it turns out. So they sit somewhere near you, and bingo! Your trip sucks! Here’s an article on what happens when you sit too close to a sick person?  Be willing to MOVE if you can. The faster you get away from a sneezing person the better. A lot of planes are packed, though. So – here are a couple of hints:

FWIW Here are 3 things I do to stay healthy- (it may work, or it may be a placebo that works. But I rarely get sick.)

Why you need to cover your mouth when you sneeze

  1. I carry Thieves Oil with me and use it often. You can buy it or make it. I prefer to make it. I put drops of it on a face mask or paper towel and inhale it from time to time during the flight. The claims are that when you inhale it, you kill any germs you may have inhaled.  I don’t care what it costs. Sick is a lot more costly than well.
  2. I use Xlear nasal spray, Spry mouthwash and Spry gum with Xylitol. Xylitol also kills bacteria and viruses. Dentists are touting Xylitol gum and mouthwash. (you can get spry at the health food store or online) as ways to keep your mouth in balance so germs can’t grow there.
  3. I carry antibacterial hand wipes with me on the plane. I wipe down the entire seat, back, armrests, tray, buttons, and pockets. I don’t care if I look like Michael Jackson. I saw a woman change a baby’s diaper on one of those trays once, and that was enough for me.

I also buy water and carry eye shades and my ipod shuffle to drown out the insanity on the plane. 

Travel safely out there! You are the only You that You have. So take care of yourself. We need you, and we need you healthy!


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