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How to get back on the horse and have a Great 2009

January 1, 2009

A horse named 2008 has thrown a lot of riders – even experienced ones.

We’re all in this one together, no matter our circumstances, no matter how well we planned. When people suffer, it affects us all.

This isn’t just about finances and mortgages. We have become so focused on consumerism – and paying for it, that we’ve forgotten what we are about; we’ve forgotten Who We Are. I notice from time to time, we all fall away from our intentions for a better life. The days go by, the small choices, the hours dedicated to fear instead of Hope. No matter what we let slip -–  diet, exercise, family, friendships, healthy choices, reading, spiritual life, community involvement – Today is a new day. You can start again.

“Yesterday ended last night.”

Do you still want to clean up whatever isn’t working? Don’t beat yourself up. Try a different tactic. Try being matter of fact about it. Notice what’s going on and make a determination to just go do it the right way. Say, “Huh, isn’t that interesting. I fell off the horse. Time to give this another shot.”
Pull yourself up.  Assess the damages.
And start again. Think about your baby when it learned to walk. Your grown child can walk because when it fell the first time, it just got up and kept trying until it walked, then ran, (then got into mischief all over your house… )  YOU, too, can keep getting back up.

First things first:

Where are you? What isn’t working? What needs to work? What needs to happen?

Forgive yourself, don’t wallow, don’t get caught up in the drama.
Just say, “Ok –what did I learn?  Where do I go from here? Should I start in a different place? Were my goals too steep? Were my expectations impractical? Did I have the support in place that I needed? What would / could make this succeed?”

Then start. Do anything. Even just organizing your thoughts, or making a list, or clearing away clutter that’s keeping you from thinking straight. One thing. Then one more thing. Then another small thing. One small step in a different direction will take you to a new destination, as long as you keep going.  Choose that destination and get going.

You can do this.
You have to believe that.
It won’t happen magically.
It requires action.
You know the steps you need to take. And it has to start with you.

Every fall is just another lesson.
Every dumb mistake you’ve ever made helped shape who you are today.
Each misstep made you ready for the success coming around the next bend.
Don’t give up… GET UP.

Remember – when you win, the whole community wins. We’re all rootin’ for you!

Take care of yourself and have a wonderful 2009!
Happy New Year!
© 2009 Beth Terry Seminars, Inc.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 9, 2009 12:03 pm

    Thanks Artie – I like your blog, too! Great story about Europe. I can relate! I lived 30 years as a minority in Hawaii. Then when I moved back to the mainland, I didn’t really fit in here, either. Sometimes I write my blogs so that when I’ve got issues months later I can go back and be lifted up by what that girl, The CactusWrangler, wrote… LOL

  2. January 9, 2009 10:45 am

    This is a lovely message, Beth.

    It makes me smile and think of how Laurie Anderson once said: “Walking is falling and catching yourself.”

    Thanks for lifting people up.

    — Artie

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