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The Key to Success in 2009: Collaboration and Planning

December 27, 2008

As I sit here on this last Saturday of a weird and crazy year, it becomes clear that the only way any of us will survive is to stick together. We are all connected to solutions far better than we realize. Sandy Rogers, a Referral Queen in Phoenix, AZ, says it best: “The solutions to all your problems are already in your network.”

How do you find success?

Analyze.    Plan.    Collaborate.    Execute.


  • Who is your key market?
  • Where are they hurting right now? Why?
  • How can you help?
  • What products and services can you offer immediately?


  • Stephen Covey says, “Start with the end in mind.”
  • Where do you want to be in 30/ 60/ 90 Days?
  • Visualize you are already there. How did you get there?
  • With that in mind, create a step by step plan using the 5-M checklist (What will we need in the way of: Machinery, Methods, Money, Material, “Manpower” — ok, “People Power”)
  • Be realistic: What is achievable in each time frame? If you overburden yourself, you may give up too early.


  • Looking at your plan:
    • Break down each of the 5 M’s. Who can help you with these?
    • Who can teach you and your team the skills you need to succeed?
    • Who do you know who might benefit from these products or services?
  • CALL THESE PEOPLE: the ones who can help and the ones YOU can help.
  • Have a plan for the call. Know the benefits and the costs.
  • Be generous. Be willing to share the bounty. Be honest.


  • Collaborate and check in regularly with each of the players in this process. Implementation is the most difficult part of this process for many. Regular checkups help.
  • Set a clear schedule and follow it.
  • Post your plan so that any new information or opportunity that arises can be checked against the plan. If a new opportunity doesn’t support the execution of your plan, no matter how attractive or tempting it is, you don’t do it. (If the new opportunity is the right thing for you to do, chances are it will be there when you have reached day 91.)

The world is full of so much opportunity that it’s easy to get distracted. Creating and following your plan for collaboration will get you back on track, focus your efforts wisely and productively, and keep you out of the doldrums. There’s nothing like a great plan to keep your mind off the troubles of the world…

Good luck!

Remember, when you succeed, we all do.

Opinion alert: Small businesses are the most powerful Economic Engine in the world! I believe the small business people of the world are the ones who will pull the world back from the brink of economic disaster. I believe you can do this. Let’s save the world together, one small business at a time!




© 2008 Beth Terry Seminars, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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